You got a Backstage Pass...

You got a Backstage Pass...
As Bootsy's Funk University
is Getting Built.

The Funk University is designed for musicians that are
ready to revolutionize their playing and learn
funk from PROFESSOR BOOTSY and the best players
on Planet Earth.  If you're ready to FUNK IT UP...
we're ready to take you there.

Keep on the lookout for regular emails sent directly to you with
exclusive updates.


Posted 01/06/2011 by chrisgould
If you build it they will funk I reckon some funk has been built check the surveyor SRV1 (Made in USA) It's a time tunnel tardis to the other side of the world. A swarm of solar powered bootzillabots bouncing on the one may one day begin to play as ideas from different places interact in infinitely benign ways navigating tracks across land and water and time (accounting for lag). Where's it happening with an interactive twist. Just a suggestion thought it worth a mention interaction is a groove to be kept alive Radio Power Station sound system solar powered robots showing the sky isn't falling anywhere and recovery efforts from where it has Mothership lookouts scanning horizon for confirmed sightings of hope Like the Vikings that landed on Mars able to build hurricane proof geodesic domes remotely In for a penny, in for a pound In a nutshell that's inspiration which is the source of my sound. Planetary Party needs moving parts to move around.
Posted 10/20/2010 by g123ralph
Man, i just joined and am a kid in a candy store, thanks
Posted 10/08/2010 by zebragreen
"Give the Funk to get the Funk" ... the BCFU is one of those things that you get sign up for... take a deep breath... jump in the deep end or just swim around the shallow side of the pool... however into you want to be... you can be a part of Funk history.
Posted 09/09/2010 by MASE
I found a site I can understand....Thanks for the help.
Posted 09/05/2010 by RhettBoland
Imagine some Doobie in your funk,Whoooah!!!
Posted 08/06/2010 by funkin4fun
plug in my bass turn up the v glory be funkin 4 fun this is what's up i see!
Posted 06/25/2010 by kerenlee
Ready to put the funk in my groove!
Posted 06/25/2010 by kerenlee
Ready to put the funk in my groove!
Posted 06/09/2010 by Dbeutter
Bassmanitram, you are right. as it reads, it is the fourth. When I wrote out the exercise, I neglected to mention that the slide is in the key of E; I start on the 2nd fret (and the 2nd of E) because it allows for a cleaner slide and lets you really dig in to get the full growl all the way up and down. Thank you for pointing it out, I will revise the explanation shortly. Soup Can Dan
Posted 06/09/2010 by bassmanitram
Looking forward to this. But has anyone else noticed in page 8 of the survival kit, exercise 4 - the text say "...goes beyond the octave and up to the fifth of your starting note...", but the tab shows 2-19 19-2 - which is the FOURTH of the starting note (F# to B), or the starting note is the FIFTH of the target note.
Posted 05/01/2010 by BootchDave
Underwater AquaBoogie baba
Posted 04/30/2010 by SanDiegoFunkDaddy
It's about to get real Funk stanky! If the Funk gets too hot for your rump, turn the cheek! Zilla is here!
Posted 04/30/2010 by brownrv13
Posted 04/30/2010 by wolldav
Very excited. I joined for 1 month, if i like what i see i will continue for the year.
Posted 04/29/2010 by KenK
Love Funk!!!
Posted 04/29/2010 by Haystax
Uncut, The Bomb, blowin up the freeminds! Lets work.
Posted 04/28/2010 by zenrad
Waiting for the infunkincredible mothership to land in july!
Posted 04/28/2010 by benelson
Hi Ho the Stereo, A funkin we will go!!! Bootsy is the now the "Head Master" of funk.
Posted 04/28/2010 by Iris
I'm ready!!!!! BRING IT ON!
Posted 04/28/2010 by Timotheedle
funkin' slunks this is gonna be a slam dunk full of funk
Posted 04/28/2010 by BigSam
Let's do this.
Posted 04/27/2010 by bearhart
Funk getting ready to roll
Posted 04/27/2010 by DFKELLY
Thank you
Posted 04/27/2010 by scottrroe77
Cool, I just signed up for the full year. Looks like this is going to be a lot of "funk"!!!!!
Posted 04/27/2010 by fonkeedaryoo
Keeping the funk alive !!!
Posted 04/27/2010 by fonkeedaryoo
Keeping the funk alive !!!

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