Studying at Bootsy's Funk University...

Studying at Bootsy's Funk University...
A quick guide to the main sections of the F.U. program...
Front Office...each month begins here
Each month, you'll download your syllabus of what you can expect at
F.U. each day of the month - from lessons to exercises to viewing and
reading material.
Bootsy's Lecture Hall...where Professor Bootsy gets down
Professor Bootsy is launching lectures throughout the week that are
available on demand in the Lecture Hall.  They are the backbone to
your F.U. experience.
The Classrooms...where the exercises shape you
F.U.’s Professors, the finest players in the game, provide exercises
and lessons (with video and tab) to the Funk University student body
each day.  
The Auditorium...where you shape the university
You bring your music and the reviews start rolling in.    Professor
Bootsy will pipe up, so will the staff to let you know what works,
what doesn't, and point you in the right direction.
The Library...a funkin' resource center
Inside you’ll find articles, links, audio, and videos on funk and a
whole lot more. Basically you’ll find whatever the funk Bootsy wants
on the shelves.
The Cafeteria...funk is served hot and steamy each day
Drop into the cafeteria to chew on all you've been learning.  The F.U.
Cafeteria is your online platform to interact with the Professors and
the students throughout your studies.
The Track…Friendly funkin’ competition
You're invited to compete in a monthly competition at The Track.
Professor Bootsy will lay out the ground rules and pick the winners.
If you want to funk, Bootsy’s Funk University will take you there.


Posted 01/12/2012 by Sizzurpp
CAn't Hardly Wait ....
Posted 04/12/2011 by TonyDollars
any day now, I'm bout to board the mothership
Posted 12/19/2010 by learn2play
inspiration. all day, or night i can log on any time, that is well worth it, thanks 2 all at bcfu
Posted 11/29/2010 by Knuf
Posted 10/12/2010 by zebragreen
BCFU is the most affordable and comprehensive educational platform i have come across... you would be loosing $ if you didn't sign up... where else can you sign in and be reviewed by peers and working professionals in the field...??? no where else, other than the BCFU... : )
Posted 09/21/2010 by Funkblaster
Thanks Bootsy.
Posted 09/14/2010 by Nicholas.22.Soto
Am I about to get funked up?
Posted 06/09/2010 by Shakey
Love the Low end! Innovation and Creation, Keep it up!
Posted 05/01/2010 by DFKELLY
Thank you Brother Bootsy!
Posted 04/30/2010 by indigobluu
Bring on my Female Funk - I need to unlock it and break out. Thanks for making this possible Bootsy - you are appreciated!
Posted 04/27/2010 by bearhart
We want the funk..we gonna have the funk
Posted 04/27/2010 by markbassfreak
sounds like an awesome time! can't wait to get started w/bootsy!
Posted 04/27/2010 by fonkeedaryoo
Looking forward to starting !!!
Posted 04/27/2010 by fonkeedaryoo
Looking forward to starting !!!

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